Unsurpassed Client Satisfaction

Dr. W. Robbi Wilson

I have been using Classic Dental Studio since they opened 9 years ago. They truly are a top quality and well run dental lab! They consistently produce excellent crown and bridge work and deliver it on time. The restorations I seat usually require little to no adjustments. They have a tremendous understanding of esthetic and implant based dentistry. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

W. Robbi Wilson, DDS
Pomerado Cosmetic Dentistry (Poway)
Michael B. Copp

Since moving to Classic Dental Studio, I've changed how I schedule my seat appointments and have become more productive, saving time and time is money. I've been pleased with the esthetics on all my cases but especially on the anterior all ceramic ones, because that’s where it matters most. Changing labs is a big deal, full of uncertainty and angst. I'm so glad I was referred to Classic Dental, the transition was nearly seamless and I'm extremely pleased with the results I've received.

Michael B. Copp, DDS
Andrew R. Chapokas

Classic Dental Studio is just what it states “classic”. Their technical expertise and customer service is remarkable. They always offer our patients appointments with efficiency for custom shades and other special requests. I have been extremely pleased with the outcome of all of my cases. My patients are very important to me, and I only want the very best for them. I am confident that when I send a member of our dental family they are met with respect and dignity.

Andrew R. Chapokas, DMD, MSD
Dr. Dave De Rosier

Over my 30 years of practice, I have worked with many dental labs. I have never worked with a lab partner as dedicated to getting it right as Classic. Jon, Joe, Melissa, and all the crew consistently deliver high-quality work on time, and at an appropriate fee.

Dave De Rosier, DDS
(Point Loma)
Dr. Theresa Cutler

What sets Classic Dental Studio apart from other laboratories is their attention to detail, their communication skills, their fantastic artistic abilities and of course standing by the work they create. I cannot tell you how many smiles Classic has helped me create for my patients and with very few remakes needed.

Theresa L. Cutler, DDS
TLC Escondido Dental (Escondido)
Dr. Tracey Lysander

The lab is easy to communicate with and the personal service I receive is the best. Jon is very knowledgeable with my complex implant cases and expertly understands the nuances of the various implants systems. I could not be more pleased with Classic!

Tracey Lysander, DDS
(Rancho Bernardo)
Dr. Robert Bosworth

I highly recommend Classic Dental Studio for their consistently superior quality lab services. We have been working together on routine and complex cases for over ten years and I appreciate their commitment to the highest standards and very best materials.

Robert Bosworth, DDS, MS