Implant Specialist

Jon Rogers, our implant specialist, and his staff have over 40 years of experience restoring complex cases. His team has restored hundreds of full-arch and full mouth reconstruction cases working with some of San Diego’s best dentists and prosthodontists. They are dental lab experts and can help you through any difficult case you come across. They understand the numerous cosmetic challenges many patients have.

At Classic, we want every implant case to be stress-free, which is why we provide everything you will need from beginning to end of the surgery. Jon Rogers gives you the ideal plan and guidance you need. We will also provide you with the abutment, crown, analog, surgical guide, soft tissue model, and any other aspect you need to ensure a successful surgery.

Jon is available to discuss your current needs. He will understand your challenges and help guide you to a successful restoration. Complex cases can often times be overwhelming, but with Classic Dental Studio you can approach every case with confidence and clarity.

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