About Us

Classic Dental Studio was created on the understanding that San Diego dentists need high-quality restorations and superior services. Our lab is dedicated to meeting all the needs of our clients and their patients. Every client will be met by professional staff that are highly trained on product knowledge and communication. Our whole team at Classic Dental Studio is dedicated to excellence in all areas. Every product or service our clients receive will reflect our high technical acumen and our dedication to consistent and quality esthetics. Our restorations are handmade and all receive the same strict level of attention.

Our Philosophy

Here at Classic Dental Studio, we believe that our clients deserve consistent high-quality and high-performing restorations. Our lab is focused on providing the highest level of professional and customer-oriented service to every dentist who chooses us. We understand that we are our customer’s key business partner. We are dedicated to maintaining our exceptional products and services, because we know that our lab is an extension of your practice’s brand. With Classic Dental Studio, you will always receive one-on-one communication, on-time deliveries, and exceptional esthetics. We will help define and exceed your highest expectations for both our lab and your practice.

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Our Story

Jon Rogers has over 30 years of experience as a lab manager and owner. He has provided dentists in San Diego with the utmost in technical consultation and esthetics. At one point in his career, Jon had a lab in Dr. Gary Paluso's office in Poway, which allowed him to learn tremendously by being able to see his products delivered chair side. He has had the unique opportunity to see firsthand the many challenges that dentists face and the innumerable needs of their patients. This understanding of his clients is invaluable when it comes to helping them with cases. Jon can transfer this important knowledge to his technicians and uses his unique vantage point to learn and communicate to the team the needs of every dentist that does business with Classic Dental Studio.

Joe Dennison has been a sales and marketing manager for over ten years. He began his career in medical device sales and has dedicated most of his career to working within the medical community. Joe started and sold a small marketing company in 2007. While finishing his MBA at San Diego State University, he worked as a consultant with the Connect organization at USCD to help launch medical device start-up companies. During this time, while working with a dental device start-up, Joe saw a market need for a high-quality San Diego based dental lab. When he met Jon, he was excited to start his knew venture, Classic Dental Studio. He can transfer his years of experience into the lab by managing the team effectively and providing clients with unparalleled customer service.

Jon Rogers and Joe Dennison met in 2008. Upon learning that they shared similar business philosophies and goals, they realized that they could combine their separate skill sets and create a lab that would thrive in ways their competitors could not. After working together for several months, they had the opportunity to start their lab. Classic Dental Studio was opened in January, 2009. Unlike many small to medium-sized labs, Classic Dental Studio is not single-handedly run by a technician owner who is trying to juggle both the business and production sides of the business. This can lead to missed due dates, inconsistent or low-quality product, and mismanaged staff. Instead, Jon Rogers is able to focus on aiding dentists with their cases and producing the exceptional products that have become a defining feature of our lab. That is instead handled expertly by Joe Dennison who utilizes his background in management and sales to provide unmatched customer service to our clients. By applying both of their diverse skill sets to Classic Dental Studio, we are able to give our customers a greater realized value for their purchased products and services.